Open humble letter to president Obama in good faith


Honorable president


I love and respect you hence feel I ethically bound to pen down this letter even being a non-American. This was you who despite strict pressure from specific zio-petro block and a great temptation from Saudi kings blatantly refused to use force against Syria regime which were not protecting Muslim sacred places/shrines but Christian sacred and ancient places too from the hands of khawarij/al-Qaida which has waged war at Syrian regime. You know USA and west then was backing nightmare prepared by petrol and unleashed by USA to Muslim world, but it was president Putin who were backing regime and helping forces like Hezbollah who were paying their lives to protect not only sacred places but peaceful and peace loving population of Syria without any concern to their religion, caste or race. Thus, dear president now how propaganda by CNN via an analyst naming Farid Zakriya or otherwise can betray deceive Muslims? We don’t know what Russia did to Muslims but we know what Putin did to Muslims and humanity and large. hence i love and respect president Putin same as i do you.


Dear president I don’t know how states shall react but I do know humanity at large shall not be with you. (Of course states are independent and are at liberty to take their decision as per their will but you don’t care 90% peaceful of the international village?)


Dear president I hate buttering up and flattering but I really love you because you personally is a good man, hence I don’t wish USA face a defeat while you are in the office, thus humbly requested, it is not your matter to step into Crimean issue. What Putin is doing, except to protecting the independent and autonomous status of Crimea? Tell us without propaganda…..


My dear president I know specific zio-petro/Wall street group shall not listen to you rather shall force you to take the decision the dirty group wish but you at least can tell them what shall go in the benefit of USA and the world in the longer run. You tell them that 90% percent of world’s peaceful and peace-loving people know the reality (this 90%includes Americans who themselves humble to specific dirty group). Your duty is only to inform them what they afterwards do is not a sin on your part.


Dear president you know the khawarij group/al-Qaida which has been now turned to the biggest threat to world peace were primarily prepared and promoted by this specific dirty group consisting of Saudi royal family, Zionists and petrol seeker dirty Yankees and specific hell souls of Pakistan.


Thank you very much


Your well wisher


Secretary General


IPC (international peace council)


Note: this is a self-designed council and I’m a self-proclaimed Secretary General to this. I however know that 90% peaceful and peace-loving people think same way.





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