technology and its uses


It is now time to get rid of theft/stealing. a material thing can be stolen and get benefit from that but how an intangible can benefit you if you really cannot get the base of one’s expression; even you as per your thinking find basis of then too it can’t be declared complete. How you be benefited accurately from an idea/intellectual property when you can’t get exactly 100% base of the idea? Suppose I express my views, how it be accurately fruitful to you when you can’t judge the basis of that specific expression? You shall always weight my expressions at a specific level? Suppose you analyise that expression at case to case basis, then you think you shall get 100%? Ok then you is a bastard cheater. Some technologies are in the market in the names of games, apps etc to judge the peoples — it is simply called idiotism bastards at least think these games or apps or any other technology could be equalt to brain? Even the latest scanner machine or even the last medical experts examining brain after death or of a living person can’t exactly get which you are trying to get through these dirty games and apps. Why you now leaving hypocrisy be honest and directly ask the people what is your problem? You instead of asking solution to the problems just wish to steal intellectual properties or judges brains via apps and games and then wish 100% success hence face failure or lesser success……..


Just tell me a doctor who listen patient can exactly tell what is the problem this? is however might reach to 95 % as being listened and told in confidence and with desire of patient to get benefit and he tells the symptom with his free consent—- but Idiots what it means by spying a spy can’t be a double agent? And so on and so forth…….’’””””””;;;::::


Suppose a child run a game in any way, you shall judge his behavior? Who you are? You shall find 100%? Leave this example,  you via an apps or game wish to judge any person on internet, you shall find 100%? Fucked you can’t find more than 15%, you dirties.  Be honest……………………


Just by using the words like fuck, shit or any as prevailing in different countries can’t make brains ……………………. Honesty is last thing ……..;;;;;’’’’’’’…..,,,,,,,,


Note: Never intended to challenge technologist just a humble piece of suggestion, please no need to get castrdjfh carry on your efforts it only means to use technology for good purposes instead of destroying humanity………….. Salute to people technologists who do their best for the good of humanity. Like net is a technology but depends at use don’t use it to collect data but never form your rules based at gathered through games or apps or any expression simply contact what you wish to know; no hard and fast rule can be found at just gathering via net or even as I mentioned above



Note: he includes she, they, we I, you etc



Note: a person form a renowned lawyer having in his credit 100% success asked the solution to a problem/case while lawyer was in a leisure mode suppose was walking , laying in his room watching TV, net etc or talking to his wife child or so on . stick to the point he asked solution which that lawyer told him person go but lost the case return back and complain that lawyer that you were as successful lawyer but your suggestion and consultation put me to lost my case. Lawyer replied: baba you paid my fee? Law is a serious issue and so was your case/problem, what you asked me and what I suggested you was in a lighter mode and even I don’t remember what I told you that time…………. It is not a joke but a hearsay story and I believe the crux of story. to share here just means to request spying technologist kindly don’t follow the example of Canada who spies the passengers weeks after they left terminals ……….. As ditto           .spying of suspects can be useful in such cases to prevent loss but can’t apply to get intellectual property/thoughts of a person/expression…………. Hence it is not a way to get benefit it is simply called cheating which might prove fatal instead of beneficial as did it in above example;:’”??…..,,,,,,,,,, might be other examples with you, you might share here………………  just be honest





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