I’m an idiot




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First of all I must have to admit I’m too is not a saint but an ordinary human being full of sins.

I’m an idiot of international level instead of praising the ruler of the day I have fallen prey to the bad habit of criticizing them at their wrongs

1)For instance  at the time of General-cum-president Musharraf  I, yes I applied for the post of public prosecutor in response to am add in the newspapers but instead of joining mushaarf’s supporters camp of lawyers I an idiot joined the anti camp, hence listened after 7/8 months that vacancies have been filled from pro camp

2) In president Zardari era I yes I applied for the post of civil judge again in response to add but again missed the president camp and jined ant camp. Though this time letter from PSC (public service commission) was sent to me but hardly 2/3 days before the date of papers but demanding therein a letter/NOC from my bar (Lahore bar) as well as Punjab bar council – now a person who lives in Lahore it might be possible for him to arrange above two NOC’s within time especially at the last time everyone at least requires one weak to go through the studies but they force us to run behind letters. In nutshell I again technically forced to miss the chance.

3) I applied for the post of legal advisor to WAPDA (water and power development authority – Pakistan) but they were the leaders of all they invited us to attend the exam at 7:00 am at WAPDA hall Lahore. Again you know how I could reach there in time. Actually posts were reserved for, you know.

I’m now over-aged for any post in 17/official gazette scales.

Now keeping in view the above discussion you see if have been joined the right camp at right time everything happy has been happened and I was not here to call me idiot.  I can’t present here the local examples or examples from my field that how people became civil, additional sessions’ judges even high court judges because you world people don’t know them and can call me an eccentric and a liar (but I swear of God I personally know the persons elevated to above categories only on the ground of nepotism, favoritism, and being in right camp. You see a Pakistan level example you all my see it Mr. Irfan Siddique a special advisor to PM Pakistan at national affairs (there are many other examples like mr. Najam sethi Ata ul-haq qasmi etc. etc. Umer zubair etc. etc. but you just stick to this one so that I can easily explain to you the situation) suppose I’m a writer and I have done at least six months to prove through my writings that none in the world has been more wise and intellectual than our prime minister, have not prime minister I return awarded me a key post as declaring me the one and only genius of Pakistan? Yes he must have done so, answer of God he has done so. But I’m an idiot what I have to write in any newspaper in his favor the media available with me (facebook) I used it to criticize the policies of PM when I found it shall go against Pakistan in the longer run – -that’s why I’m idiot because instead of thinking my personal benefit or a short term benefit I preferred to chose the way international level idiots too could fail to choose. Anyways leave this when I’m myself admitting that I’m an idiot but to shae with you people my experience was just meant for to tell you think about you and your family and not further otherwise shall face unbearable hardships – – you may however adopt your ways as per the needs of your countries and my experience is not a universal experience please I have never meant by this sharing to tell you that it is an hard and fast rule. (You must keep here remember that I am not by design PM’s anti I actually voted for him in election)

Briefly telling you the following:

Again see my mother a public functionary of a lower grade suffered from heart disease we suddenly taken him to a private hospital (you actually don’t know what government hospitals do here- – what you shall do when the wealth of your life/ your mother be in a sever crisis, of course you shall do you last) where it incurred some 4 thousand US dollars and she operated to stent/angioplasty. Many advised me to get a fake bill from governmental hospital to claim the amount but again I the world level idiot tried to claim it with original papers, in nutshell hundreds objections I sit home peacefully. Must keep remember these government offices pay millions to highs for medical treatment and more bigger go to London for the treatment of cough!

Listen more government now requires us to attend the duty regularly and punctually! But here I’m rebel- –  why should we attend punctually and regularly ; and why they should not attend who receives million  for medical treatment and he who go to London USA for cough treatment?

Actually here I’m rebel; but overall I’m an idiot as you could gather it from above discussion that I went over-aged but did not get wise.

In nutshell we deposited some gold available with us to bank at high interest rate. What other we could do to pay the debt incurred to us during mother’s treatment? And our lovely prime minister is offering us more debt up to 20 thousand US dollars. I’m not talking about people who applied for this loan but he perhaps considers all like me one an idiot. Really painful who and how we shall pay this loan he doesn’t tell us?



All must keep remembers to all above mentioned post I were legally qualified to apply. And all must keep in mind the experience being shared is within Pakistan, I don’t know others what happen there. I however not disappointed from God and you too any reader must keep remember this letter can now allow you to go disappointed just wait for good. Insha Allah/ May God do so

 You people may however learning from my experience joins the pro camp of your countries or as the case may be. Become a TC if you authorities say it is day light say and if at the same moment they say it is night say yes – – no need to criticize even at social media facebook, twitter, tango etc.




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  1. this post is only for WordPress and WordPress too is not authorized to share it elsewhere including famous social media sites like Facebook twitter etc. anyone however could see my experience and get benefit (if any) to others – – for me i already mentioned in the blog that it is my personal experience and does’ apply universally and it have never meant to spread disappointment. so please WordPress and reader (if any) keep remember that this blog is only to read and not to share. thanks.

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