Taliban organization, structure and our wrong phenomenon




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Everything has a boundary but shamelessness in Pakistan is without boundaries.

It is really sorrowful to say that some politicians and so-called intellectuals are still under misapprehension that Taliban, al-qaida, lashker-e-jhangvi, sipah-e-sihaba jund-ullah’ ansar-ul-mujahideen and other lashkars etc. etc. are something different, separated and fragmented groups; some even go further and try to disassociate mufti kafayat ullah, mufti Ibrahim, Ibrahim paracha ,ibtisam elahi zaheer, sami-ul-haq, major amir etc etc. from Taliban and their ideology; is it not farcical, especially when above groups and person themselves claim to be one and the something? What is problem with those politicians and intellectuals? Should we think that their/politicians ideology too is same with above persons; or intellectuals have eaten dollars/riyals? How could we react at this wrong phenomenon, Except that they are not ready to admit the responsibility of national bank headquarters at some mismanagement of a local branch, It means if local staff don’t treat you rightly or does not provide shadow places to old-aged or ATM is not working properly despite your repeated complaints, you should blame one single branch and her manager and vice versa? i.e. if head quarter issues a circular to one or some local branches that branches shall deal with customers rudely and violently, you shall blame the manager or managers of that one or some branches excluding the chairman who issued the order? To further explain, PM Pakistan or interior minister ask police to arrest an innocent or more innocents and make him/them an example, while give free hand to cannibals to continue to target and even fire guns openly in presences of law enforcers and media- – should we condemn SHO or area SP?

Imran issue is however deserve to be discussed separately:  first it might be that he has receiving or is receiving to fulfill the agenda to get the Muslims of Pakistan in such a hatred from Islam, that it be very difficult for them to return (Yes hatred from Islam is his agenda and not the hatred from Talibani Islam, or more honestly Saudi Islam). Second it might be his genesis problem to love cannibals spreading terrorism in their own country under the name of Islam. Now, in such confusion and wrong phenomena who shall we win the war? Any chance you see?

Nawaz problem: his only intention is to get people in real hatred from army .you know army reacted vehemently at an attack at army but altogether ignore shia attack, sunni shrines attack, markets,  etc.

They/Army don’t know what is the order regarding how to deal with khawaraj or rebels?

Conclusion: who is the winner of recent negotiations play?

1)      Nawaz and Taliban; or

2)      Public and army and Pakistan.

One thing is however sure that the person who advised to go to negotiations when nation was demanding operation, could never be a friend of Pakistan.


Note: where above I mixed up Taliban Islam with Saudi Islam, it is not my mixing but proved by Saudi fatawas/religious rulings, every Muslim is an infidel – though Israeli and Americans are Muslims in Saudi Islam.  I shall explain that with a picture.

 (Very very pertinent to clarify—“I’/blogger  am not preaching the undue or unjustified  killing of any person be an American, Israeli or any religion he might belong or even an animal”).




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