Real time American hypocrisy- – open letter

US says that Taliban issue is internal issue of Pakistan and how to deal it with either through negotiations or war is an internal Pakistani matter – – US has nothing to do with it. Now whole world knows that this cannibal/massacre ideology is directly linked with wahhabiyat (wahabbi religion); this too is not secret from the world that it was actually British rule which first promoted wahhabiyat in sub-continent and to turn it/ dirt ideology to some respectable religion, Britons named wahabbiyat as ahle-hadith. And later on during afghan-soviet war US utilized all his dirt resources including propaganda weapon to prove that wahabbiyat is a true religion of Islam which really entitled to rule the world, hence decline to Soviet Union. It must be kept in mind that US was not alone in this dirt game but Saudi riyal was at her back, under the dream that Saudi king shall rule the world ultimately. Now question arose when wahabbiyat present draconian/nightmare shape is the gift of US/Saudi kingdom to world, how US could say that it has nothing to do with this Dracula? US is actually playing with the world especially Pakistan; Taliban daily attack the people of Pakistan with impunity- – it is not worthy of mentioning if they claim responsibility or not– It is not a ruthless joke to us? (Yes I know basically Taliban claims to be deoband religion but rules being followed by them are wahhabiayt rules- hence could be called “wahhabi deobandi”). Now see American bastard ship: they/US still are with Saudi kings, the head of wahhabiyat? Now situation is going to be that Taliban hate Americans under the claim that Americans used us and thereafter did not take care of us; and we/anti Taliban/wahhabiyat are now hating dirty Americans that she/US created a monster unleashed to us, and is now not ready to dispose that/monster off. What it means except a reward for hypocrisy? Thus, Americans are real time hypocrite.

Now here the government of Pakistan strategy is also notable –sure to be under direction of Saudi kings and with the connivance of US– On one hand Taliban etc. target shia community and at the same time government of Pakistan instead of capturing the killers, are on way to arrest peaceful shia youth! Mind-boggling, what at last government wish? If she wishes that shia community stand up against this dual atrocity and anarchy spread in Pakistan, it is the intention?

Note: where I said that US promoted wahhabiyat; these are not my words but that of honorable US Secretary Hillary Clinton.


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