Alleged Taliban vs. nawaz government negotiations and possible result




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Apparently it seems a complicated situation but if we see it from the parties points of view matter get clear. Nawaz: he thinks that the result of successful negotiations a shura shall be selected as nawaz khalifa/ameer-ul-muafiqeen and Taliban and like-minded as members/governors; Taliban: they think that as long this process shall take as vide they shall do their base of support already existing across Pakistan in the shape of deoband/wahhab seminaries and now in universities; Karachi university is a glaring example where Ashab is working with impunity, along with Jamiyat Punjab university. Further Taliban also rest on the base provided to them by Saudi kingdom within Pakistan through the active help by general zia-ul-haq and a dirty role then played by CIA. But now where US stand, it is actually a question which is for US to respond, my concern is only that when it was possible to nip the snake available/found in specific holes in Pakistan, why it has been allowed in the name of negotiations to appear/turn from snail to poisonous snake in almost all cities of Pakistan?  Mind-boggling is that where chief of army staff is standing; if he is serious regarding the future of Pakistan or in the words of a renowned Pakistani journalist has decided again to bow before some 10% mentality in Pakistan, as it has been the custom of Pakistan army to stand with that 10% ignoring altogether the 90% of Pakistanis? But this time Pakistan’s position is not that of her past position and now Pakistan is an atomic power!!! .Heavy responsibility rest at chief of army staff to turn to serious, (though it is some late but not yet out of control.). Further what shall happen to commons of Pakistan? Pakistan is in a fragile state to bear more Jundullah, BLA type drama while rana sana law minister Punjab/ head of out-law organizations has already declared there is no existence of BLA etc in punjab – -some five members of MWM has been abducted last day/10-02-2014 in Bhakkar, in south Punjab. Heavy responsibility rest at US to come out of Iran phobia and reconsider her policies regarding world as a whole, as it shall not be in the larger interest of US to later show fake love for humanity which people shall consider dirt hypocrisy rather than love for humanity. If US fail at this stage, we are seeing the emergence of new powers to fill the gap…………………..

As a first step US shall clear her position where she is standing in alleged negotiations with Taliban, if she is behind these negotiations? Recent media reports that drone were flying over negotiating teams is no more than a flop drama, you know? Some however claims that negotiators were conducted in Afghanistan while other tells S. Waziristan………….

Nawaz shairf too should reconsider her stance as it is impossible to make her Saudi kingdom type kingship — Saudi kingdom is not an atomic power, please get rid of your 1999 dreams. Other political parties too should take clear-cut stance. Up to now only MWM, SIC and Dr. tahir-ul-qadri PAT and MQM, ANP seems clear only. PPP is playing hypocrisy……………


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