Taliban government negotiations and possible results


What it is going on and how Taliban, nawaz league and PTI are playing their cards cunningly, it could lead a result which was constantly narrated by some people/ analysts having capability to foresee. See the condition present by Taliban i.e. “there must equilibrium between poor and rich”; it clearly shows that Taliban are not ordinary brainless people as some fools were considering them. Before going further we must  keep in mind the last day analysis by an Asia times online columnist in which he writes down that rulers are on way to board plane already on run way to take them abroad. As all of us know that ch. Nisar family is American citizen and nawaz family too have good relations with US/Saudi kingdom, now keeping in view the condition of equilibrium imposed by Taliban expressing their intention – – that is they have now changed their mind and shall attack only American servants as imran khan playing his card cunningly and already have spraying verbal criticism at American servants i.e. Nawaz party.  Yes I know there are attacks on shia community and sunni shrines but that are not the work of Taliban as per Taliban claim. Then who is behind those attacks? Of course Taliban sister organizations which are being controlled by ahmed ludhanvi and patronized by rana sana ullah, law minister of mian shehbaz sharif. Picture is very much clear that if at this point US gives her servant safe passage, PTI shall use it an occasion to directly criticize US and Saudi kingdom and it could lead such a hatred against US among the people of Pakistani that despite her/US last efforts, she could not get the confidence of Pakistani people back — we must keep in mind that by their equality condition Taliban has won the confidence of poor classes of Pakistan. We however hope that US is not ready now to by the hatred of poor of Pakistan as she already have bought the hatred of Taliban and supporters—and two sided hatred at one time could not be considered a good policy by nay state of the world. Further it is easy to defeat armed person by use of heavy and powerful armed; but unarmed poor? No way……………


People could see hypocritical US policy as on one hand she claim to be with the common people of Pakistan and declares lashkr-e-jhanvi and sipah-e-sihaba terrorists organizations while on the other hand 8 Us helicopters loaded with latest t technology are at the disposal of ch nisar federal interior minister, a patron of above two terrorist organizations,.  Such hypocritical policy is really mind-boggling especially US satellites and other technologies are providing full security to ch. Nisar and royal family of Pakistan — nawaz family. Why People of Pakistan are deprived of US help with regard to security?


US rather should provide us needed security…………….





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One thought on “Taliban government negotiations and possible results

  1. heavy responsibility now rests on worthy chief of army staff pakistan armed forces to decide if he needs Pakistan or that democracy which could not sustain a single blow by Taliban and started to tremble? single blow ” unequal division of resources among elite and poor”

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